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Say you love me chapters

Title: Say you love me
Author: nikasantos
Pairing: Ryutaro Morimoto x oc
Rating: PG - PG13 (for kissing?)
Summary: Kikii is an ordinary school girl. Her parents got divorced jsut recently. She used to live with her mother, but she is always blaming her for the divorce. Due to that reason Kikii and her older brother Jordan decided to live with their dad. Her dad got a girlfriend and is living is Japan because his girlfriend is a pure Japanese women. An expected meeting occurs at the airport and she gets the wrong luggae. What will happen when she has to help the boy that has her luggage to find true love in return of the same?? 

Chapter 1 --> http://nikasantos.livejournal.com/5220.html#cutid1
Chapter 2 -->
Chapter 3 --> 
Chapter 4 --> 
Chapter 5 -->
Chapter 6 -->
Chapter 7 --> 
Chapter 8 --> 
Chapter 9 --> 
Chapter 10 --> 
Chapter 11 --> 
Chapter 12 --> 
Chapter 13 --> 
Chapter 14 --> 
Chapter 15(Final) --> 

Ai no Umi (oneshot)

Title: Ai no Umi

Genre: Romance <3

Type: Oneshot

Pairing: Morimoto Ryutaro X OC iriejingi95 

Summary: Ryutaro and Kikii were best friends in kindergarten, but suddenly Ryutaro started to hate her. Now they are in highschool and Kikii finally finds out why…



~ Ai no Umi ~Collapse )


My Bully Rescuer

Title: My Bully Rescuer
Pairing: Yabu Kota x OC (erinteguchi)
Rating: PG to PG-13?
Genre: Angst, Romance, Fluff?
Summary: Erin was saved by the one who bullied her for all her high school years.
Note: I'm deeply sorry for the super long wait Erin!!

"Someone! Help! Please help me!" )

I hope you enjoyed this Erin!! ^^ Sorry for waiting so long to read this.
If there are any errors, I'm sorry.

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Comments are L-O-V-E-D♥

Crazy World : Graphic and Review Center

As what I've posted at our facebook group, I'll post the details about the FanFic review.
So here...
For those who wants to improve their writing skills, you need this.
We, the reviewer will not criticize your work. We will just review it.
We made a criteria, so that you'll know what part of writing you are weak.
Here's the criteria:

Points: 100/100

Title: 5/5

Cast Used: 5/5

Poster: 5/5

Background: 5/5 (Background is optional, if your fanfic is posted in your own site.)

Prologue/Forewords: 10/10

Flow: 20/20

Writing Style: 20/20

Spelling: 10/10

Grammar: 10/10

Overall Enjoyment: 10/10

Bonus: maximum of 10

We don't just offer FanFic Review, but we also have Graphic/Poster Request.
We can make a Graphic/Poster for your FanFic.
Also, signature for your profile here.
For those interested please do visit our forum site.
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All the reviewers are certified writer on a magazine forum.
We all made our name in that forum.
I can assure to all of you that we definitely know how to rate your work.
And we also have a reviewer which is a BOOKWORM, she knows what the readers want in a story.

I hope, you'll trust us. Just give it try, nothing will happen. (:



If you'll just request, you don't need to join to our forum, you just need to click at the "Graphic Form" or "Review Form" for you to mail us your request. You just need to fill up all the details we need, and we'll make the rest.

But. if you want to join our team, you need to sign up, and leave comment the details we need.

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Title: Can A Tough Person Be Tough Forever?
Pairing: Morimoto Ryutaro x OC (a_k_k_h_n)
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance? Fluff?
Summary: Hakufu, being the most difficult girl to become friends with. Who will be the first, besides her best friend, to see the soft side of her?
Note: Failed ending. (-_-) I hope that you don't mind the nickname that I used in the fic a_k_k_h_n
I hoped that you like this!!

Sonsaku Hakufu was the tough girl at school. )

Eeeeee, I'm not satisfied with the ending. I hope that you enjoyed reading this Hakufu! Sorry that I took a while to write this.
Please comment~!! I'm sorry if there are any errors.

♥Hey guys I havent been posting here sorry!! I didnt have much time. Anyway I have already finish this fic and I wanted to share it with you:

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I've chose someone who can help me to check this community from time to time. I become busy again in school. So dimple36 will help me out.

I know all of you will follow the rules, but I/we still need to make sure about that.

I'll/we'll be giving warnings for those who'll violate the rules.

1st warning: 3days suspension. (Will not be allow to post for 3days)

2nd warning: a month suspension.

3rd warning: last warning, you'll be terminated.

I hope everything is clear. ^_^

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My First Fic

Title: Our Valentine
Pairing: Yamada x OC, Yuto x OC (both OC's are daintyxdoll)
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance? Fluff?
Summary: Spending a day with them.

Click to read my first fic. )

And if there are any errors, I'm sorry. I didn't got through it before I posted. And if there are any criticizing, please do not be too harsh, this is my first tie writing a fic.
Thank you~!

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